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emotion wheel
Emotion Wheel App

All the Feelz is an interactive emotion wheel you can use to identify how you feel and track your emotions over time.

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what is the wheel of emotion

What is the Wheel of Emotion?

The Emotion Wheel is a tool used by psychologists and therapists alike. Its function is to help users identify how they feel by going through a list of emotions.

Emotion Wheel FAQ how to use the emotion wheel

How to use this app?

This app works on this website only. iPhone and Android mobile apps are not available yet. To begin, use the one-click registration buttons below; once you log in, you can start recording your feelings.

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how does labeling my feelings benefit me

How does it help me?

Scientifically speaking, using the wheel to identify and label your feelings, activate the parts of your brain that help you regulate your emotions. Keeping a record of these sessions, is an effective way to reveal long term emotional trends.

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